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Quality products for yourself and for gifts from Sommaröhallen

20.07.2017 | Articles
When you visit the Granösund Museum or the Aava Kerttu homestead in Södra Vallgrund, a great place to drop in for a bit of shopping is the Sommaröhallen crafts shop. There you will find all kinds of fascinating products, all hand made. The shop is run by the Södra Vallgrund village association.
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Fredric Sandvik2

Kvarkenturer is your guide to the Kvarken archipelago

19.07.2017 | Articles
When the Kvarken archipelago was accepted onto the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2006, Fredric Sandvik had an idea. He thought it likely that the number of tourists visiting the area would grow and so he founded his company Kvarkenturer, which offers boat trips. For ten years now, Kvarkenturer has organised boat trips to, for example, the group of islands known as Valsörarna, where it also provides tours of the lighthouse. Other services on offer include fishing trips and charter trips according to customers’ wishes.
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Aava Kertun kotitila

The Aava Kerttu homestead is a joyful experience for both the young and the old

14.07.2017 | Articles
The Aava Kerttu homestead in Södra Vallgrund is full of bustle – and no wonder, there are over 80 animals living there! The farm welcomes tourists who want to visit its cats, bunnies, goats, sheep, kids, two ponies, Mangalica pigs, a pot-bellied pig, hens, quails, ducks, geese, Silkie hens and a cock, chicks, heifers, a cow and its three calves. The farm is also home to a dog, but it stays inside while there are visitors.
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Carried on the waves and the wings of stories to Mickelsörarna

05.07.2017 | Articles
The cruise to the Mickelsörarna islands begins from Maxmo, close to the archipelago farm of Varppi. On the 29th of June 2016, there are 25 travellers gathered on the shore, ready to embark on the two-hour journey to Mickelsörarna on M/S Svalan, at a speed of eight knots.
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Granösundin saaristolaismuseo

Granösund Museum safeguards traditional islander culture

03.07.2017 | Articles
The World Heritage Site is about more than the uplift of the land; it also includes the cultural traditions of the archipelago. The Granösund Museum in Södra Vallgrund displays the culture of the islanders in a time when sealing and fishing were the primary sources of livelihood in the area.
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The Molpehällorna island is a blend of geology, nature and history

26.06.2017 | Articles
When you want to experience the geology, the nature and the history of the Kvarken archipelago at the same time, the place to visit is the Molpehällorna island in Korsnäs. Molpehällorna is a group of four islets that have been united into one island, demonstrating the land uplift process in a concrete way.
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“You never know who is going to step in”

01.06.2017 | Articles
Travellers may turn up at the Merenkurkun Majatalo inn in Björkö any time of day, even late evening, and so owner Anne Ojala is always prepared to receive guests. Ojala herself lives in a neighbouring building close to the inn, which makes it much easier to be available at all times. Her most memorable guests were two young men who were caught in a storm while travelling to Umeå in Sweden on a pedal boat.
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The attraction of nature at Villa Meribjörkö

16.05.2017 | Articles
Both Finnish and foreign visitors find Villa Meribjörkö in the Kvarken archipelago, by the western shore of the Björköby village, utterly enchanting. Owner Jukka Viita-aho lets out the facilities to companies and private persons as a venue for conferences or celebrations. Villa Meribjörkö’s trump cards include the stunning scenery, breathtaking sunsets and the beautiful nature on its doorstep. The view from the windows is outstanding, and sometimes people at meetings prefer to look at the archipelago rather than watch a PowerPoint presentation.
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A frequently asked question: How do you proceed when you want to shut down your company?

01.03.2017 | Articles
When an entrepreneur’s situation in life changes, the company’s market conditions turn down and there is no one to continue the business – either in the family, among the employees or outside the company – then the company must be brought to a respectable close, taking care to do it properly.
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An accounting firm is a business owner’s strategic partner

23.08.2016 | Articles
Many business owners who are just starting out are uncertain about how best to handle their company’s financial affairs. Should they outsource their bookkeeping and calculation of salaries or do it themselves? Should they adopt bookkeeping and invoicing software or settle for the traditional paper version at first?
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