Regional Cohesion and Competitiveness Programme 2010-2011

The Regional Cohesion and Competitiveness Programme, COCO, is the Government's special programme for regional policy, to be launched for the programme period 2010-2011. The Ministry of Employment and the Economy is responsible for the national coordination of the programme.

Objectives of COCO
The national COCO works nationwide as a strategic tool for supporting regional development and promoting coordination in order to meet the national development objectives defined under the Government's decision. The aim is to enhance the competitiveness of all regions while balancing regional development through supporting the interaction and networking of key operators in regional development.

For the purposes of this programme, cohesion refers to creating equal development prerequisites for different areas, and connecting different regions and operators with regional development. Enhancing competitiveness refers on the one hand to the ability of regions to recognise their own strengths, to target development efforts at them efficiently, and to form networks with other regions in the development of selected areas. On the other hand, closer cooperation between regional development operators, and the development of operating methods, promotes competitiveness.

National networks
Seven national networks have been launched in COCO. The network themes are:

  • Innovation environments
  • Creative sectors and culture
  • Wellbeing
  • Cooperation in land use, housing and traffic
  • Russia
  • Tourism
  • DEMO


Basic financing in COCO entails seed financing for the purpose of promoting programme implementation in line with the programme focuses, the management of cooperation and networks, and the development of operating methods. The total budget of the programme amounts to some 23 million euros, of which 50 per cent comprises financing by the MEE, and 50 per cent municipal co-funding.


For more information contact:

Stefan Råback
Development Manager
+358 50 590 2525