Intelligent and sustainable battery value chain

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Vaasa's goal is to create the world's greenest battery ecosystem in Finland. The name GigaVaasa means an industrial park environment of more than 350 ha intended for the battery industry, the purpose of which is to provide a sustainably implemented industrial environment for battery chemistry. The purpose of this is to attract battery industry operators committed to the theme of sustainability to locate in the area. In addition to sustainability, the offered industrial park environment aims to ensure companies' competitiveness far into the future with its infrastructure.

Invest In work in the GigaVaasa area

The goal is to attract companies to the area, to attract them to GigaVaasa and to try to get the companies to start the establishment process (plot reservation, EIA approval, etc.) During the process, to support the companies in their profitability calculations so that the planned industrial infrastructure of the GigaVaasa area is utilized as much as possible in order to achieve competitiveness in a sustainable way.

Development om internal logistics in the GigaVaasa area

The goal is to understand the processes of companies considering establishing themselves in the region, so that the needs of internal logistics can be understood. The goal is to be able to make further planning of the area through the understanding of the processes of the operators in the area to create possible logistics services in the GigaVaasa area in a centralized manner, so that the overall goal of an emission-free battery factory ecosystem is also realized in terms of internal logistics.

Synergy benefits of industrial infra

The goal is to create the world's greenest battery ecosystem, where the implementation of industrial infrastructure is done in a unique way, so that as the region develops, a competitive operating environment implemented in a sustainable way is created. New companies have come and are coming to the area. This project aims to ensure compatibility, synergies and sustainable development among companies located in the area.

Skills and knowledge

The goal is to find out the needs of industrial experts with companies considering locating in the region and to support the ability of educational institutions in the region to prepare for the development of training for different experts. As a result of the work, a competence/competence map is created. Let's find out the Nordic Battery Belt - possibilities for cooperation.

  • Project time: 23.5.2022-31.12.2023
  • Partners: VASEK and Technology Centre Merinova