The Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor

The Midway Alignment of the Bothnian Corridor - also known as Kvarkenlink is a vital, year-round maritime transport connection between Sweden and Finland. The link connects to three major roads classified by the UNECE as European roads of strategic importance – the E12, the E4 and the E8 – and to the newly built Bothnian Link main railway line. It also supports and complements the Priority Projects and the Core and Comprehensive Network of the European Union.

The global Midway Alignment project is upgrading the transport route in order to fulfil national and international requirements for an environmentally and economically sustainable transport system with increased multi-modality and higher transport security. The project includes a complete transport system for both goods and passengers and is initiated by the city of Umeå in Sweden and the city of Vaasa in Finland.

The upgrade aims at:

  • designing and developing a new ferry for the Kvarken strait
  • improving the environmental and economic performance of port operations and the regional logistic system
  • increasing market attractiveness
  • securing long-term operational stability
  • introducing innovative technologies and solutions as well as disseminating best practices within the European Union

The Midway Alignment project is financed by municipal, regional and national financers from Finland and Sweden, private companies and European Union TEN-T Call funds.

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