Nordic Built - Concept for renovation and upgrading of residential buildings

Nordic Built


Nordic Built  -  Concept for renovation and upgrading of residential buildings is one of 13 projects that received funding from Nordic Built 2014. The project time is until December 2017 and the aim is to create an economical and energy efficient prefabricated renovation concept for residential buildings. The project has 15 members from Sweden, Norway and Finland.


  • There is a major need of cost-effective renovation of residential buildings that lead to lower energy consumption and better environment.
  • Today, renovations are often performed in the form of on-site construction with local constructor.
  • Within this consortium we will move renovation from on-site to prefabricated sustainable solutions that are produced and assembled in the Nordic countries.

The vision: Industrially pre-fabricated wood-based system for renovation and sustainable upgrading of building envelope, in the most cost-efficient and high-quality retrofitting method, with the lowest occupant disturbance.

The concept will be based on known and new technical solutions, focusing on increased prefabrication of building envelopes based on wood.

The challenge in this project is to unite technical knowledge, business and entrepreneurship into cost-efficient and sustainable building envelope solutions.
It means that the concept's results are presented and verified in demoproject with prefabricated solutions for the building envelope according to the concept's specifications and adjusted to the profitability.

Financing for the project comes from Nordic Innovation

In Finland the project is coordinated by the Novia University of Applied Sciences. Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK is a partner in this project.