EnergySpin/Launching of Energy Business Accelerator

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The project aims to create a business accelerator for the energy business that enables international rapid and effective growth. Through support processes (guidance, funding, product development, commercialisation, among others) a deeper and large-scale cooperation between companies is created, implementation of business ideas promoted as well as innovations in companies realized in fast pace through demo and pilot objects and customer relationships. The project also aims at increasing turnover and employment in companies as well as attracting new international partners and companies to strenghen the Finnish energy cluster. 

There are six measures of which the two most central are the building up of a support path for the EnergySpin accelerator and the creation of the accelerator itself. The direct result of the project is the energy business accelerator, which through its activities will contribute to creating new startup and spinoff companies in the energy technology business and to enhancing business activities as a part of the largest Nordic energy competence center.

Project period: 1.8.2016–31.12.2017.
Funding granted: 105 350 EUR (Vaasa Growth Agreement/AIKO)

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