Energy effective region

General knowledge about the Vaasa region energy sector among various target groups has grown over the years. Communication is a long-term work and it has to be renewed and reformed continously.

The main aim of the project is to inform about the energy technology know-how using methods that attract each of the target groups. The goal is to, through communication, to highlight the know-how of the energy cluster companies and other players, on national and international level. This is expected to facilitate the availability of qualified work force and job matching and to enable the creation of new cooperation networks.

The project aims to contribute to the development of energy sector pilot projects into new R&D platforms. In addition, existing pilot projects, demo projects, advanced industrial establishments and R&D platforms as an environment covering all of the ecosystem, will be documented.


  • Setting up a future form of operation for Energy Vaasa communication; i.a. producing a financial model and developing the partner network
  • Renewing the EnergyVaasa image and improving the digital visibility
  • EnergyWeek coordination and communication
  • Creating a concept for Technical Visits
  • Describing the existing connection between R&D platforms, exceptional industrial establishments and living labs as well as possibilities for an ecosystem.

Project partners: Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, Merinova Technology Centre

Project period: 1.10.2016–31.12.2018

Budget: 350,000 EUR

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