Connected Ship

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Supporting a more sustainable, digitalized and connected maritime industry

Large ships consume huge amounts of fossil fuel and thereby contribute to global warming. At the same time, fuel is the main cost component for many shipping companies. Therefore, boosting energy efficiency is a main driver for innovation in the shipping industry.

Denmark and Norway are global leaders in maritime industry. Sweden on the other hand has a strong maritime cluster of technology suppliers and is a power house within sensors, IT networks and connectivity technologies while Finland is a strong cluster for cleantech, ship building and maritime equipment. At the same time, all the Nordic countries are leaders in digitalization.

This project will build knowledge and enterprises that can successfully make the Nordic shipping industry more sustainable and create new Nordic export business models based on the maritime digitalization.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate a digitalization platform on board a ship by utilizating technology, platforms and experiences from smart city projects combined with maritime industry control systems, communication protocols and environmental prerequisites. This will also prepare the ships for future interaction with the smart society - harbors, trucks, cargo, passengers and other smart micro-systems.

The ship digitalization platform will help collect and manage data acrosss the equipment from various suppliers and be a platform for open innovation. The project will also develop business models that gives incentives to the involved companies to share data and thereby support startups adn smaller companies who can build new services.

The project consists of seven different work packages:

  • Definition of use cases and value creation
  • Business models and data sharing
  • The ship digital platform
  • Data management from ship to land
  • Data analysis, visualization and display
  • Implementing and verifying use cases in a testbed
  • Information, dissemination and exit strategy

VASEK is responsible for work package 2 - Business models and data sharing. Wärtsilä, Maersk Tankers, Sensative, Beijer Electronics are the participants. In the work package 2 the main objective is to define the critical data and legal aspects, business models, data ownership and data strategy.

Project time 1.10.2019–31.10.2021
Budget for VASEKs part 24 000 euros