Circular Economy Korsholm


The objective of the Circular Economy Project is to create a foundation for the cluster of circular economy companies in the Vaasa region, to find new and growing business opportunities in this field for the region and to chart current material flows. During the project’s period of activity, marketing material on the circular economy cluster will be created and the cluster will be publicised both in Finland and other Nordic countries.

During the project, current material flows will be charted, starting with Stormossen’s operating region and companies within the recycling sector in the Vaasa region. On the basis of the results, focus will be placed on the material flows that have potential for significant energy and material savings through the opportunities provided by the circular economy.

A prerequisite for the creation of the cluster is that the companies establish their operations in the extended part of the Lintuvuori industrial area. Based on the material flow report, marketing material about the cluster model and the circular economy will be created. Marketing will be directed at companies with high-grade know-how and business operations in this sector, both in Finland and abroad.

The circular economy involves more than just recycling waste; it is a new economic model where products are made, right from the design and manufacturing phases, in such a way that no waste is created when the product reaches the end of its life. There are no wasted materials and components; instead, these are used to manufacture new products. In the circular economy, consumption is also based not on owning but on using services. According to Sitra, the circular economy may increase the value of Finland’s national economy by at least three billion euros a year by 2030.

RENERGI circular economy hub

Project period: 1.8.2017–31.8.2019

Budget: 200 000 euro

Lead partner Vaasa Region Development Company VASEK, financing from the EU and Korsholm municipality.