Benefits from energy efficiency

Botnia High 12

Europe and Finland are currently experiencing an extensive energy crisis due to the Russian-induced war in Ukraine. This crisis also targets the competitiveness of businesses and even operational conditions in some specific energy-intensive industries.

As a result, development companies are currently being contacted by a large number of businesses. Key themes include energy-saving opportunities, solutions to optimise energy consumption and various new and sustainable forms of energy production, including investment aid and implementation planning related to their execution.

A recent entrepreneur poll for the Finnish SMEs conducted by Suomen Yrittäjät (Federation of Finnish Enterprises) reveals that nearly a third of all Finnish SMEs report that their profitability has weakened due to increases in energy prices. In addition, almost half of the respondents in the Finnish industry say that their profitability has weakened.

The project aims to promote adopting energy-efficient business operating models to bring savings and directly improve companies' results and competitiveness. At the same time, the project is making a significant contribution to the green transition in companies as improved energy efficiency and new, sustainable energy production solutions reduce carbon emissions causing climate change.

The aim is to create a service concept for energy advisory, which will be utilised in business advisory. The aim is to raise companies' awareness of how to promote energy efficiency and what subsidies can be sought for green transition measures and investments. At the same time, the implementation of the measures is encouraged and the clients directed to the experts.

  • Project time: 1.9.2023-31.8.2025
  • Budget: 242 102 euros
  • Project partners: Vaasa Region Developmpent Company VASEK, Oy Merinova Ab