How to Start

new businesses illustrationPlanning to start a business in Finland? Please read through the following points:

Foreign entrepreneur's permits, licences and notifications  

Permits and notifications required by a foreigner may include, for example,

  • registration of the right to reside in Finland
  • residence permit for an employee or self-employed person
  • registration in the Finnish Population Information System.

In addition, a foreigner may need a permit from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office to serve as a partner in a partnership or in an administrative body of a company, for example. Read more on foreign entrepreneurs' permits, licences and notifications  

Business idea

It all begins with a business idea. We will help you to specify and refine your idea and plan a profile for your company activities. Book an appointment at Startia

Buying an existing business is one way to become an entrepreneur. Ask our business advisors for companies that are for sale or take a look at the businesses for sale to see if there are any ads that interest you!

Business plan

Plan your business activities in detail before starting your business! Lissu is an interactive Online Business Plan tool. It also enables comments from business advisors and other persons connected with your plan. Registration is required, user name and password are available from Startia.

Select form of business

Factors affecting which form of enterprise to select are, for example, the number of people establishing the business, the need for capital and its availability, responsibilities and decision-making, continuity of operations, profit sharing and covering losses as well as taxation. Read more about different forms of business

Start-up grant

DO NOT start business activities nor register your business before you have applied for a start-up grant. Attach your business plan and certificate of tax debts to the application. Read more about start-up grant

Register your business

After choosing a name for your business and filling in the necessary documents, you need to register your business. This is done by filing a Start-Up Notification to the Finnish Trade Register. Read more on how to register your business

Apply for necessary licenses and permits

Before operations are commenced, it is important to check whether a special license or declaration is needed for the business. Specific requirements on the entrepreneur himself or herself, premises or business operations, can also exist. Read more on licenses and notifications

Look for business premises

Many entrepreneurs set up their business and work from home, while others have an immediate need for business premises. Note that your premises have to fill the authorities' regulations. These vary according to what kind of business you are going to run in the premises.

Protect your business idea

If you wish to protect your business products, do consider applying for a patent, design right or trademark from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. If you have made a technical invention, you may apply for a patent. Your company name or logo will be protected with a trademark. For a product with a special design, you can apply for a design right to protect the appearance of the product.


All companies, as well as individuals practising business or professional activities, are subject to accounting. The accounting obligation begins when the company is founded. Organising accounting is, therefore, one of the first tasks to be performed by a new company. Read more about accounting

Insure yourself and your business

Your home insurance will not cover your business, so go through what kind of insurance you and your business will need. Contact an insurance company and discuss the alternatives. Read more on insurance

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Now your business is up and running, congratulations!

Questions, problems, anything you need assistance with? Contact us. We are here for you throughout the entire life cycle of your business.

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