Vaasa Region

The Vaasa region on the west coast of Finland is a dynamic region with excellent preconditions for business. Trade traditions and a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit equip the region with a strong will to succeed. The international energy cluster is the leading engine of the industry in the region.

The key industry sectors, along with energy, metals, tourism, media, wood products and foods. Characteristic of the region are extensive subcontractor networks that are also vital for the large international companies' operations (ABB, Wärtsilä Finland, Vacon, KWH Group and Vaasa Engineering). A number of educational institutions and research units ensure top-level competence also in the future.

The Vaasa region is a pleasant environment to live, study and work in. The natural beauty of the landscape by the sea attracts new inhabitants and tourists to the region. Excellent communications network with ease of access by air, road, sea and rail as well as inexpensive housing and numerous job opportunities topped with short distances - everything is within a 20 minutes' drive from your home - give the region a competitive edge as regards quality of life. The city of Vaasa draws a great number of students to study in the bilingual (Finnish and Swedish) environment, which gives the city a young and energetic atmosphere.

You can find more information on the Vaasa region municipalities at their own websites. Please note that not all of them have information in English available online. The e-Service portal of Ostrobothnia contains an extensive collection of useful links.

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